The intention is to develop and realise an office building with commercial use on the ground floor and an underground car park on the property at Strahlenbergerstraße 123.


The construction site for our hotel building on the corner of Bundesallee and Hohenzollerndamm is moving towards the home stretch.


The building is visited in the final phase of construction, shortly before completion and handover to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.


Fourteen Berlin architectural offices competed on 3 September 2022 and played for the coveted tournament victory in the traditional "Architecture Berlin Cup" football tournament.


Our project Wilmersdorfer Straße 82 - 83 at Adenauer Platz was presented and discussed in front of the design advisory board in Berlin.


The building application for our project at Strahlenbergerstraße 127 in Offenbach has been submitted.


Our project BEAUFORT BY HEIMATUFER - Ludwigshafen, Rheinufer Süd has been completed.


On 27 July we had the pleasure to meet Liane Kaven from EGE who showed us new carpet collections and the manifold possibilities to design wonderful interiors with sustainable, high quality materials.


At our project Kennedyallee in Frankfurt the facade installation has started.


At our project ACHT UND EINS at the Bundesallee in Berlin the facade installation has started.


The building permit for our Rocky Wood project at Offenbach harbor has been granted and the foundation stone has been laid.


Building permission has been granted for our high-rise project M50 - The Design Tower


We won the competition for the building project Jakobstraße No. 6-7.


The transition from fossil fuels to green energy is a virtually unknown topic in the real estate industry. Even within the scientific community, very divergent positions exist: "Build with wood!", "Leave the trees in the forest!" and "Stop building!" are just some of the exclamations that confuse their audience. But what is there in the energy transition for the building sector? What solutions does the real estate industry have to offer to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030? A very short time for such an ambitious goal. One thing I can say in advance: It will not be enough to hope for the energy sector to mass-produce green electricity within the next few years as well as to take over the refurbishment of the existing properties from the real estate industry.


On June 24, 2022, the Foundation Board of the Federal Foundation for Building Culture appointed the new members of the Advisory Board - among them Eike Becker.


After all kinds of smaller measures to save greenhouse gases, we decided as an architecture firm to become climate neutral. We thought that it would be a complicated and lengthy process. But it isn’t. After selecting a service provider, we researched the necessary data and received an emissions report in accordance with the „Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard“ guidelines. In my new column 'Climate Neutral‘ I write about what it says, how we will proceed, and how little it costs to immediately become carbon neutral.


Last September I returned to my place of study, Aachen, for the first time in 30 years. And at the beginning of December, Richard Rogers, for whom I worked many years ago, died. So it's time to say goodbye to one of the great architects of the 20th century. At the same time, I ask the question, why is it so difficult to say goodbye? Why don't we make ourselves more aware of the finiteness of our existence? If we did, wouldn't we be more radical? And say goodbye to the model of perpetual growth? I describe what this means to me in my new column 'Vom Aufhören und Anfangen,' published in Immobilienwirtschaft 2/2022.


© Photo: Michael Bause / Architektenkammer NRW


After a seemingly hopeful summer, now in the next wave of the pandemic and as the end of the year approaches, it's worth taking a brief stock. What has the pandemic done to us? Do we want to get back on track? There are plenty of reasons not to give up now, but to continue thinking about the changed working world.


The new headquarters of an Industrie 4.0 company designed by EB_A is taking shape.


The Garden, Photo by Konrad Hofmann


Tempelhofer Feld could become a symbol for new unifying visions of a society, and a new Berlin.


Located at the former border between East and West Berlin, the green housing complex designed by EB_A was selected due to its emphasis on community.


Eike Becker_Architekten has been named Germany's Best Architecture Brand at this year's European Real Estate Brand Awards 2021.


In 2020, Eike Becker_Architekten established a pool of working groups within our team that would help us grow and evolve in an open, creative, and collaborative atmosphere.


How would the real estate industry fare if its output were quality-checked in a competition?


How can we do better?


In my column on "Post-corona Architecture", published in Immobilienwirtschaft 04/2021, I write about the lessons learned from one year of the coronavirus pandemic, and what this means for office architecture - and office culture - in the years to come.


The way in which we are designing our work and living spaces is changing rapidly, and EB_A is ready to take the lead in creating a more sustainable and healthy future.


Construction for an office and production building in Hamburg-Harburg is moving along with the first of five construction phases currently taking shape.


In my column on "Beatuy", published in Immobilienwirtschaft 03/2021, I write about changing conceptions of "beautiful architecture."


Design by Eike Becker_Architekten: high point and open square at the Hufelandstraße in Munich


The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, but many more have arrived in its place. Today, many countries are closing their borders for security reasons. But in many respects, nation-states have ceased to matter. We’ve seen this recently with regard to climate change and global pandemics. And it is certainly true for the consequences of global financial crises, transnational corporations and organized crime. Even the most discernably physical elements of infrastructure, such as railroads and air transport, highways, satellites, gas and oil pipelines, sea freight and fiber-optic networks are transnational in scope and can only function in this way. All societies will be more successful if they invest in the development of networks and infrastructures, and commit to cooperation over compartmentalization. create boundaries within and between communities and intensify existing conflicts that could be solved much more constructively without them. My vision is a world without borders.