In the seventh Stuttgart Region Real Estate Dialogue about 500 real estate professionals met for networking and for exchanging knowledge...


On June 30 Eike Becker held a guest lecture at IRE|BS, the International Real Estate Business School Regensburg, in the framework of the seminar on real estate development...


June 25 and 26, 2014 were the dates of the Handelsblatt Annual Conference of the Real Estate Industry in Hamburg, which brought many high-profile speakers from several market segments of the real estate industry together...


The owners of the premises in Arnsburger Straße 68 and 70 in Frankfurt / Main awarded EB_A the contract for planning their new building project. Two six-storey front buildings will close the gap between the neighbouring buildings in Arnsburger Straße 64 and Arnsburger Straße 74. In the courtyard the plan includes two five-storey residential buildings. 36 homes will be built, with an above-ground gross floor area of 4,800 m². On the ground floor of the buildings in Arnsburger Straße a commercial part and a childcare facility are planned.


89 metres make the postal giro office one of the tallest buildings in the city. The 23-storey skyscraper in Kreuzberg is converted into a residential building that will be the centre of a new quarter. Instead of offices the CG Group wants to establish apartment flats in the ageing skyscraper. At the same time four existing buildings on the premises, which are used as a computer centre and for other purposes, will be taken down. New buildings will be erected in their place. The plans provide for commercial use with offices and a hotel on the busy street Hallesches Ufer. Eike Becker_Architekten were awarded the planning contract.


On May 28, 2014 Eike Becker_Architekten, Pantera AG, Peakside Capital and BAM Deutschland AG held the solemn cornerstone ceremony in the presence of the Secretary of State for Building and Housing, Mr. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup. In 16 houses 161 rental flats and 120 owner-occupied homes will be built on a 12,000 m² premises. The planned 34,300 m² of gross area in Chausseestrasse include several types of housing between 60 and 220 m²: apartments, family homes, garden homes, town houses and penthouses, all of which offer space for a green residence in a central location right in the city.


CG Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH & Co. KG has acquired several premises on Kaiserlei roundabout in Offenbach and commissioned Eike Becker_Architekten to turn the area into a lively urban quarter, mainly for residential use. The high-rise slice and the three-wing high-rise on Berliner Strasse will be re-planned as residential places with rental flats. The adjacent plots of land will also be developed. The plans envisage small-scale commercial use of the ground floors.


A quarter in a central location which had hardly been discovered so far, that is what the area between Goethestrasse and Junghofstrasse used to be. The new office and retail building "ma|ro" designed by Eike Becker_Architekten on the corner between Neue Mainzer Strasse 74-80 and Neue Rothofstrasse will change that situation, and the opera quarter will get a new attraction...


Krefelder Bau GmbH intends to select a planner for a new commercial building in Krefeld. The building shall allow multi-functional use. Potential tenants who have indicated interest include retailers, restaurants, service providers and medical doctors. Eike Becker_Architekten were invited to the competition. The idea: turning single units into a community. The diversity of materials and the proportions of the heterogeneous neighbourhood are recognized as a quality to be included into the idea for the design. 6 different facades facing Ostwall and Petersstrasse will differentiate the building. Its proportions follow the rhythm of the adjacent houses. The cube shapes are adapted to the requirements of the room programmes. A passage on the ground floor connects Ostwall and Petersstrasse.


B&B are intending to erect a hotel with 100 guest rooms near Potsdam Central Station on a 5,000 m² premises between Babelsberger Strasse and Friedrich-List-Strasse. Eike Becker_Architekten were commissioned with planning the project and have already begun their work.


Eike Becker_Architekten are participating in the "German Pavilion" at MIPIM in Cannes, France, from March 11 through 14, 2014. The joint pavilion allows selected German planners to present themselves at this prominent real estate fair. In the forum "MADE IN GERMANY: Building culture" the moderator Christian Brensing chaired a discussion between Eike Becker, Bernd Heuer, Prof. Elisabeth Merk and Rainer Nagel (German Foundation for Building Culture) on the topics of urban development – integrated city – architecture.


Rheinufer Süd Entwicklungs GmbH is the developer of buildings lots on the southern Rhine bank in the city of Ludwigshafen. An architecture study by Eike Becker_Architekten should show the possibilities of building in fields 5 and 6 and highlight the eminent importance of these quarters in the urban planning concept.


On December 5, 2013 Eike Becker_Architekten had their Christmastide party. EB_A and friends met at unitedspaces in Friedrichstrasse with the boys from Green Door Bar and with a reindeer.


On Tuesday, November 19, 2013 about 70 representatives of the Berlin real estate industry met in KW – Institute for Contemporary Art in Auguststrasse. Eike Becker asked, "Are investors egomaniacs, city planners pigheaded, architects dreamers and bankers greedy?“ In his presentation he showed what is possible when prejudices have been overcome and when specialists join forces to jointly find the way to better ideas that benefit the city and society as a whole.


The Association of Friends of the German Museum of Architecture (DAM) in Frankfurt / Main held its third auction of valuable drawings, sketches, photos and models by international architects, photographers and artists – including two drawings by Eike Becker. The auction on November 16, 2013 in the auditorium of DAM generated almost 30,000 euros for DAM.


The conversion area of the former brick factory "Alte Ziegelei" is in the direct neighbourhood of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Emperor Cathedral, right on the bank of the river Rhine. The goal is to create a residential quarter and a park in order to re-establish the link between the former industrial premises and the town. As a result there was a clear majority for the new concept in a vote on November 14, 2013. EB_A are drafting one of the five quarters.


16 flats are being built in Olivaer Platz with a view of Kurfürstendamm. The elegant building that dated back to 1907 on the corner with Bregenzer Strasse was hit by an incendiary bomb during the war. The full volume of the historic roof shape will be restored, with special emphasis of the particular corner situation. Residential properties between 60 and 600 m² will be built as raw structures and can be finished in line with the specific wishes of the buyers. Completion is scheduled for the spring of 2014.


The new building project Zillegärten, of Bauwert Investment Group, in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg, is erected in the direct vicinity of Wilmersdorfer Strasse and the Opera House in Bismarckstrasse. It is a quiet residential location, where 72 rental flats with a total area of 7,400 m² will be built by spring 2015. The residential property was sold to the insurance Ärzteversorgung Sachsen-Anhalt. EB_A has designed one of the five houses.


AIT and Royal Mosa had invited architecture offices to design a ceramic wall on the basis of their current collection of tiles. In cooperation with Eike Becker_Architekten a sample design for the new Mosa Murals Collection was created: The work covering an area of 6 x 4 m is shown on an exclusive basis in Dresden on November 14 and in Hamburg on November 21. That is where Eike Becker will give a lecture on Architecture + Emergence with subsequent participation in a discussion with Amandus Sattler, Jan Edler and Andreas Ruby.


The two office and retail buildings located in Neue Mainzer Strasse 74 and 80 are landmarks of the entrance to Neue Rothofstrasse, which runs parallel to Frankfurt's top shopping location Goethestrasse. The design by Eike Becker_Architekten won against competitors such as UN Studio, KSP and Hadi Teherani. We have drafted two seven-storey buildings with a large glass share. The architecture concept is based on stacked frames that protrude slightly into the public space, similar to oriels. By the end of 2015 the buildings will be completed. The gross area is about 18,000 m², with room for eight to twelve shops on the first two floors and office space on the higher levels. The projects developers Groß & Partner from Frankfurt and the Swiss Peakside Capital private equity firm are jointly developing the object.


On October 25, 2013, the Schindler Group, a leading vendor of lifts and escalators, moves into its new offices in the German capital that have been planned by EB_A. The building for 550 employees on the premises of Schindler Deutschland GmbH focuses on interaction. Communication offices, an exhibition area, a lobby and reception zone, conference rooms, learning zones, informal meeting points and areas for focused work create a completely new corporate culture.


The building pit has been excavated, and 161 out of the total of 275 flats in 17 different buildings have already been bought by the housing company Patrizia as rental flats. The remaining flats will be sold to owner-occupiers. The complex will include flats with a garden, apartments and spacious city residences. Completion is expected in 2015.


Fourteen architect office teams played on September 09 to compete for the much-coveted Architects Berlin Cup! They played in the club fields of SV Babelsberg. Eike Becker_Architekten defeated the Chipperfield team in the semi-final, and the opponents in the final were the team of Weinmiller/ Müller-Reimann. For 20 years already has this football tournament with international participants been held every year. Being the winner of 2013 means that EB_A will be the tournament organizers next year.


In Kollwitzstrasse in Berlin the 7-storey shell of the front house and garden house has been completed. The apartments between 120 and 190 m² are built as basic structures, offering the buyers rich opportunity for individual design. The street facade is made of extruded aluminium profiles and gets its plastic shape from large-size loggias. Completion is scheduled for December 2014.


Bremen has one more attraction now: The 82nd member of Steigenberger Hotel Group, the new Steigenberger Hotel Bremen designed by Eike Becker_Architekten, celebrates its opening on September 01. The Four-Star Superior house is located right on the Weser river bank and is one of the landmarks of the new Überseestadt quarter. It has 137 guest rooms, a conference centre, a spa and fitness area on the top floor and a restaurant that offers a panorama view. A two-storey lobby connects the hotel with the directly adjacent GOP Varieté-Theater.


The two harbour mole buildings designed by Eike Becker_Architekten were the last two parts that have completed the ensemble of Tempelhofer Hafen: They are places for gastronomy use, thus offering a new destination between the Teltow canal and the harbour basin. At night the facades of the pavilions are backlit. On an area with terraced seating steps the visitor comes very close to the edge of the water and experiences the interaction between the harbour basin and the bank.


Insurance companies Wüstenrot and Württembergische are growing together to become one insurance specialist – including their buildings. Eike Becker_Architekten were invited to participate in the competition for a development in Ludwigsburg/Kornwestheim. The area covered by the competition is about 80,000 m², the whole programme includes 140,000 m² for 500 employees. The winning design will be selected this December.


The two directly adjacent empty premises - Neue Mainzer Strasse 74 and 80 – right in the middle of Frankfurt, were the basis of a restricted planning competition organized by the developers Gross & Partner. They were expecting two variants for new buildings from every designer: The winning design proposes to structure the area in legible boxes. The jury evaluated this design as "especially interesting" and particularly successful in linking up with the listed building in Neue Mainzer Strasse 72. For the variant with a residential tower Eike Becker_Architekten conceived a building with a multi-layer staggered arrangement like a pagoda, "lively and compatible with the urban area due to its compact volume", as the jury found. Eike Becker_Architekten were awarded the planning contract.


On Stralau peninsula – with water on three sides, old trees, and only ten minutes from the busy, throbbing centre of Berlin – 125 flats with 2-5 rooms are being built between Fischzug, Glasbläserallee and Krachtstrasse. The substantial volume of 19,600 sq m of gross floor area is distributed over 13 individual houses which are clearly distinct from each other by their appearance: Protrusions and setbacks, a lively roof silhouette and terraces, loggias and balconies give each and every building its plasticity. Individually designed door elements make every 2-storey entrance an unmistakable address. Themes from the direct neighbourhood such as waves, reeds, fish scales, rush plants, blown glass and fish baskets create a link between the houses and their surroundings. Balconies with undersides painted in colour, as the boats on the shore used to be in old times, are a reference to the history of the "small water city".


Where there used to be the border checkpoint for West Berliners going to East Berlin in former times a new building project will begin from mid-2013 on. It will include 276 flats in 17 houses with an urban planning concept that refers back to the late 19th century models in Berlin...


On January 9 and 10, 2013, a workshop talk with Eike Becker on analyses, objectives and methods of architectural production was held, in which 70 invited guests from the Munich building industry discussed topics such as society, architecture, city and environment. Superference as an architectural strategy was the basis of the discourse format Common Work Space. 100 personal question, which looked easy at the first glance, had been sent to the guests in advance. From their specific knowledge – which might seem convoluted at first – the questions were put together to create visible order, and then Eike Becker answered them in a joint discourse with panellists such as project developers, building industry representatives, city administrators and architecture journalists. It turned out that cooperation across specific contexts in a spirit of responsibility could open up decisive benefits for all stakeholders. Further workshop talks are planned for 2013 in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg. Cooperation partner: Design Offices GmbH Supported by: Artemide, carpet concept, Dornbracht, UNDKRAUSS.


After ten months of building work the topping-out ceremony for the new Steigenberger hotel in Bremen was held on December 13...


COMMON WORK SPACE – Workshop talk in Munich on January 09, 2013 In our workshop talk Common Work Space on analyses, objectives and methods of architectural production we start a discourse on architecture, city and environment in January that will explain Superference as an architectural strategy. Common Work Space is a new discourse format that intentionally asks a lot of questions in step one. 100 personal question, which look easy at the first glance, are sent out together with the invitations. In the following workshop talk they are put together to create visible order, and Eike Becker answers them in a discourse process on site.