Discover Germany: Beyond the scale

Discover Germany Beyond the scale

“If I can help making our cities a bit better by offering more life quality to many, then I have done a good job", says architect an founder Eike Becker. What defines Eike Becker architecture is the “comment” it leaves on the pressing topics of urban densification, digitization, globalization and, last not least, individualization – which sometimes seems to be made difficult if not impossible by the former three. Growing cities have to include and manage more and more aspects. They raise questions to urban planning which architects must find the answers for. One of those answers at Eike Becker is their “Superferenz” design method; a planning tool making use of rivaling powers and contrasts to shed light on the various facets of a theme, looking at it from different perspectives. Thus, solutions come to pass which satisfy the most varied requirements. 

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