Residential and commercial ensemble in Berlin-Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
2019 - 2026

Revitalization at Adenauer Platz: In the heart of Berlin, near Kurfürstendamm, a new residential and commercial ensemble is being built. At the corner of Wilmersdorfer Strasse and Lewishamstrasse, a 7-story and a 5-story residential building with staggered floorplates will be developed as well as a commercial and office building with an 11-story office tower. These will enhance the neighborhood and give Adenauer Platz a new ambiance. Around 40 apartments, flexible office space and numerous commercial spaces on the first floor will be created on approximately 16,000 m² of floor space above ground. A 160 m² playground in the inner courtyard will create a green oasis, a place of retreat offering a completely new quality of repose. The closing of Wilmersdorfer Strasse to individual traffic provides a zone of deceleration and offers more space for human encounters. An underground parking garage can be accessed via Lewishamstrasse. 

The planned new building connects to the existing residential development in the north and forms a new city edge to Adenauerplatz in the south. As a result of the urban planning, completely new possibilities for future redevelopment are provided. The 43m high office tower will also change positively the appearance of the area: it engages the square and forms 2-story colonnades, formally distinguishing it from the surrounding block of buildings. The tower has a slender appearance and matches the height of the Panorama Hotel on the opposite side. In this way, our design not only creates an overall coherent, but also a modern residential-, office- and commercial-ensemble and a new urban space that invites people to linger, just a stone's throw away from one of Europe's most famous shopping streets.

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