Residential complex,

On the southern bank of the River Rhine in Ludwigshafen, this town development concept envisages an urban quarter with 1,000 apartments that would create up to 3,500 jobs. High-quality, contemporary architecture and an open space concept consisting of promenades, squares and private gardens will provide a maritime flair and a breath of fresh air along the Rhine promenade. The ensemble of buildings designed by Eike Becker_Architekten forms the impressive entrance to the new quarter. The BEAUFORT is a pointed, eight-story solitary building that lies sculpturally and majestically in the harbor like a cruise ship. It is complemented by the HEIMATUFER, which consists of a six-story building block and a five-story point building. The façades are divided vertically by screens, offset against each other. Large-format window fronts alternate with the metal-clad façade to form the horizontal structure. This creates a flowing effect that reflects the current of the river Rhine. The Rhine promenade will be turned into a mooring place for the new quarter's residents and visitors, where green spaces provide ample opportunities to come together, to exercise, to stroll among restaurants and shops, or to relax on the HEIMATUFER's terraces.

Densification close to the bank

The development of waterfront quarters was considered difficult and expensive just a few years ago due to the risk of flooding, rising groundwater levels, muddy subsoil and permanent moisture. But the development of new building materials, moisture barriers in masonry and stilts made of concrete and steel have now made living near the banks both safe and en vogue. Whether the Hafencity in Hamburg, the Rummelsburger Bucht in Berlin or the Westhafen in Frankfurt – the most prestigious development projects of recent years are almost without exception to be found at waterfront locations. According to a recent study by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, two thirds of all cities are actively promoting waterfront neighbourhood development, and 86 percent of respondents rated the significance of waterfront districts for urban development as either "high" or "very high".

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