Maxx Heim

Maxx Heim

Office building,
Technology campus,

Within 10 years, the Maxx Heim technology location at Mannheim City Airport has developed into a sought-after address for companies from the information and communication technology, biotechnology and medical technology sectors. Only a few sites are still available in the seven-hectare area. The success of the location is also based on an architecturally appealing development concept, which gives the premises a very special campus character. On the corner plot at Konrad-Zuse-Ring/Harrlachweg, the new company headquarters of an industry 4.0 company is being built according to plans by Eike_Becker Architekten. With its curved shape and metal façade, the building reflects the company's claim to innovation through its architectural design.

Corporate architecture
Corporate Architecture presents a company's image to the outside world, creating a spatial experience of brand identity for clients and employees. Corporate architecture goes far beyond the purely functional requirements of modern company headquarters, shaping the face of our cities and the quality of our living spaces to a large extent. In fact, commercially used real estate accounts for around 10 percent of all buildings, and with this influence on the urban landscape comes a degree of responsibility.  In addition to the representative effect for the company, corporate architecture must offer added value to the overall appearance of a physical location.

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