competition office building,
Europacity, Berlin

The design idea, a stacking and overlapping of different volumes and the resulting multiform spaces in between, is seen as an exciting contribution to the construction task. With this strategy, a diverse and also individualized offer of spaces and areas unfolds both internally and externally. However, the resulting highly structured structure with its accentuation and staging especially at the corners of the building is evaluated ambivalently. At the corner of Otto-Weidtplatz/Heidestraße, this staging seems appropriate, but at the corner of Planstraße, it seems reducible or somewhat exaggerated. The large proportion of communication and common areas is seen as an interesting and varied offer. However, the question of usability arises. The floor plans are well solved and allow all forms of use. The spacious foyer could possibly be reduced somewhat without losing its quality. The ventilators integrated into the façade are an interesting approach to the climatic supply of the rooms, but would have to be evaluated in more detail in terms of costs. The technical infrastructure is well solved. All in all, the design is considered a very interesting project for this location due to its symbolic character and the extension of a conventional office offer by attractive communication and common areas, with all previously formulated criticism and questions regarding usability.


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