Residential ensemble,

On the banks of the River Rhine, on the former industrial site of the "Alte Ziegelei" in Speyer, a new quarter AM FLUSS is being built. Four architectural offices and a landscape architect will lend the area consisting of five residential quarters their individual architectural signature and thus make AM FLUSS a very special address in Speyer. Eike Becker_Architekten are designing the LOOP_SIDE quarter, which marks the apex of the Rhine loop. In order to do justice to the nearby historic old town and the listed director's villa on the site, EB_A relies on a picturesque, romantic design principle. The design provides for different façade typologies that structure the building in a variety of ways and thus achieve a similarly differentiated effect as historical architectures.

Disused military barracks, abandoned industrial sites or empty office buildings – throughout Germany there are around 165,000 hectares of unused land that could be converted to embrace new uses. The mobilisation of existing building sites offers numerous advantages and is therefore one of the most important building blocks for inner-city subsequent densification. Many brownfields are centrally located, have a good infrastructure and are already connected to public transport. This makes them suitable for mixed-use quarters. In addition, the conversion of derelict land prevents additional green areas from being sealed in the surrounding countryside. The city of short distances can avoid the urban sprawl of landscape and prevent the increase of traffic by commuters. The conversion of brownfield sites also offers advantages for residents if, in addition to new neighbours and a better infrastructure, further jobs are added.


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