Spree Tower

Spree Tower

High-rise office building,
Berlin Postbahnhof

The area between Ostbahnhof, Mercedes-Benz Arena and Oberbaumbrücke is one of the most rapidly developing areas of Berlin. With a height of 70 meters, distributed over 20 floors, the Spree Tower forms the urban landmark of the area. Located on the former border strip between East and West Berlin, the building site is characterized by upheavals that are reflected in the design of the building.

The high rise tower's doubly layered façade was constructed from two to three floor high slim aluminium frames. They seem to be slightly out of alignment in position to each other. The resulting impression of a rough and faulty, fabric-like structure, not unlike a cotton fabric woven on a loom, is intentional. It gives the industrially produced façade a human scale.

The building's most eye-catching structure is the main entrance roof, which provides a clear contrast to the more clearly structured façade. Like a sculpture, the roof over the main entrance stands in front of the building and connects the foyer with the surrounding public space. The square floor plan with a central access core allows for the realization of differently-sized, flexible offices. The windows can be opened, providing a low-tech approach that eliminates the need for mechanical air conditioning within the offices.

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