Premier Inn

Premier Inn

Hotel complex,
Europaviertel, Stuttgart

Our design is based on a building that houses two different hotels. The clearly articulated base of the building responds to the varying topography of the site, and from here two façades develop, standing together like siblings. The building structure may be perceived as a whole or as a composition of individual parts.

So, there is the pair of siblings, which represent a single unit, and two individuals simultaneously. In other words, two houses on a plinth or one house with two related façades. 

The arcades on Wolframstrasse articulate a generous entrance for both hotels. The base forms a kind of table or pallet for the rising floors, on which the rooms of the two hotels are stacked. The geometry of the individual rooms and the varied arrangement of open and closed areas connect the two façades in terms of design. Nevertheless, both houses emerge distinctly visible to the viewer. Without denying their individuality, they are part of a greater whole and are nevertheless perceptible in their own right.

The staircase leading to the platform and onto the bridge is located at the southern corner of Budapest Platz. By raising the colonnades at the corner of Wolframstrasse/Londoner Strasse, a portal is created, a lobby, an entrance hall, a station concourse that connects the level of Wolframstrasse with the station.

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