Tempelhof Harbour,

In the middle of the 40 km long Teltow Canal lies the Tempelhof Harbour, directly opposite the world-famous Ullsteinhaus. The expressive brick façade of this legendary building still moulds the space around the harbour basin.

Eike Becker_Architekten have restored the historical harbour and opened it up for new uses. The result is two one-storey, cubic buildings on the two piers of the harbour. Today they are used for gastronomic purposes, as a restaurant and event location with respective outdoor seating. The pavilion on the western pier has a floor area of 10m x 10m (100 sq.m gross floor space), while the east pier has a floor area of 29.82m x 10.70m (319 sq.m gross floor space).

A newly built seating area in timber steps down to the water’s edge on the entire west side of the harbour basin, creating a direct connection between the harbour basin and its surroundings.

The façades of the pavilions are divided circumferentially in two parts: below, the glazed façade  offers views in and out, directly of the water; above, bright, perforated metal surfaces cover up extensive technology and illuminate the small pavilions fronting the historical brick architecture of the huge Ullsteinhaus on the other side of the canal.

The metal curtain-wall construction of the upper façade projects about 50 cm over the front edge of the glazing below. This area is backlit and from the early evening hours, the two pavilions in front of the mighty brick façade of the Ullsteinhaus emanate a warm and welcoming glow.

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