What motivates us Among the things intrinsic to human existence is the totality of all we have built. Cities are the most complex formation of human society. They are the most beautiful and the ugliest, the best and the worst ever invented by humans. They are much more than a collection of lots, buildings, streets, and squares, and more than the most homogenously designed public space. As reflections of their inventors, buildings and cities have to consistently offer and do more. We find ourselves in the midst of a monsoon of polymorphic demands and specific knowledge. And we sense how - in an initial moment without order - sometimes one thing blends or collides with another. Some call this Interference (Interferenz). From this increased experience and knowledge of interference we have coined a different, new concept: Superference (Superferenz).

We are focusing on offices, high-rise buldings, hotels, urban traffic, exhibitions, conversions, buildings for trade and industry, cultural and residential structures, urban design as well as product design an interior design.


We are passionate about the cities of today with its people, public spaces and its endless possibilities for improvement. Everything that surrounds us is planned, built, maybe torn down and re-built. Therefore everything is architecture. We are excited to take part and help making our cities better cities. Better for many people. The backbone of our nowadays life quality is a pluralistic and fair society. Especially the planning of urban development can make significant contributions to that. With our decades of experience we are a good partner for private as well as public project participants.

Due to our decade-long experience we are a strong and reliable partner for our clients. We gladly take responsibility for the entire planning team. As general planner and leading coordinator we are working with a contact person for our clients. The extensive planning team often consists of planners of building services, structural engineers, facade planners, experts for fire safety, building physicists, surveyor, traffic planners and so on.

Before a project starts, even often before the acquisition of the property, phase 0 - the careful project preparation - is of vital importance. We provide integrated consultancy during this important phase of a project.

An essential element of our work is the interior architecture. Our experienced department of interior architecture pays the highest degree of attention to details, materials and concepts - and that for every single project. That is the only way we can guarantee the highest standards in our architecture.

As experienced designers we work with passion on the products that we develop together with the industry. The results of our work have been awarded several times.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: At Eike Becker_Architekten we combine the individual strengths of persons to set up the best suited team for every project. Thus we succeed in tailoring the focus of our services exactly to the project requirements and to live up to our claim of holistic thinking.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: At Eike Becker_Architekten we combine the individual strengths of persons to set up the best suited team for every project. Thus we succeed in tailoring the focus of our services exactly to the project requirements and to live up to our claim of holistic thinking.

Since December 1999 Eike Becker and Helge Schmidt have been jointly running the office Eike ecker_Architekten in Berlin. 165 coworkers, 1279 engineers and planners, 157 consultants and 132 clients have largely contributed to all the projects, we have been worked on the last years.

Our close cooperation with our clients, from the first consultation via general planning work through to the finished building leads to a vivid exchange of ideas.

Eike Becker

Born in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Lower Saxony

Studied architecture at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) in Aachen, the École d’Architecture Belleville, Paris and at the Universität Stuttgartin Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Lower Saxony

Worked in the office of Norman Foster Associates, London

Worked in the office of Richard Rogers Partnership, London

Founded the office of Becker Gewers Kühn & Kühn Architekten, Berlin

Participated in documenta X, Kassel

Founded the office of Eike Becker_Architekten, Berlin

Chairman of the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Participated in the 12th International architecture exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Venice

Helge Schmidt

Born in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Studied architecture at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee

Diploma from the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee

Research assistant at the Bauakademie der DDR, Berlin

Project management for Architekten Leonhardt Schirmer Meyer, Hannover

Founded the office of Helge Schmidt, Hannover

Project management for the office of Becker Gewers Kühn & Kühn, Berlin

Founded the office of Eike Becker_Architekten, Berlin


Eike Becker_Architekten from Berlin is expanding its management structure. The architecture firm has appointed five experienced architects as associates and thus installed a new competence team. Eunji Cho is now responsible for design and recruiting, while Ken Rannoch is also entrusted with design management. Oliver Mehl and Johanna Lidzba are responsible for project coordination and execution planning, and Nicole Winge-Poorbiazar is responsible for CAD and BIM coordination.

The associates combine many years of experience as architects, outstanding professional know-how and successful work at Eike Becker_Architekten. For example, graduate architect Eunji Cho already headed the competition team in the past, graduate engineer (FH) Oliver Mehl has long been responsible for two of the office's most important projects as project manager for the Spreeturm and the X-Berg Tower, and graduate engineer Nicole Winge Poorbiazar was responsible, among other things, for BIM coordination for the Waterkant lighthouse project until recently. Graduate engineer (FH) Ken Rannoch also brings many years of expertise to the table as head of the Europaallee projects in Frankfurt, as does graduate engineer Johanna Lidzba, who heads the Theodorf-Loos-Weg and Hive projects in Berlin.

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